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What is the zodiac sign of the smartest person you know or you admired the most?

and what is your sun, moon, and mercury signs.What is the zodiac sign of the smartest person you know or you admired the most?
~my grandma.
she is a Scorpio and the first and most intelligent person I've ever seen :P

~my classmate.
another Scorpio. this ba*tard has one hell kind of an IQ [hate him]

~and Virgos
they are really smart ;) I admire them %26lt;3
The smartest person I've known is guy with a Pisces Sun, Virgo Moon, Aquarius Mercury, and Gemini Rising. He has so many great ideas and is extremely creative. He knows about things that I haven't even heard of and speaks with great eloquent detail.

My only complaint is his procrastinating personality and unwillingness to share his level of intellect with others. Instead, he pretends to be more of a 'class clown' but anyone who pays attention can see through that.What is the zodiac sign of the smartest person you know or you admired the most?
The most intelligent person I know is a Capricorn sun, Taurus rising, Capricorn moon, Capricorn mercury, Sagittarius mars and Aquarius venus. He has a really high IQ and is just super smart..not just academically either; he's very life smart and is a tremendously powerful leader. I wish I had half of that :)
Hm...let's see...There are three people I know that I consider quite smart...

One is an Aries guy,dunno any other placements and I am not even sure about the sign...

Then a Taurus guy with Sagittarius moon and rising.

Last but not least a Gemini sun/rising girl with Libra moon.What is the zodiac sign of the smartest person you know or you admired the most?
I would have to say Taurus. He knows words that pretty much no one uses, excellent at programming and technology, knows a ton of math, and is the best at science.

I would also have to say Capricorn and Gemini.

I am a Pisces with Virgo Moon and Mercury Aquarius.
My dad (Taurus) believes that he is the smartest person I will ever meet. I will admit that he is fairly intelligent on some topics, but he's also completely clueless on others.

In my school, a Leo girl was voted as "Class Brainiac".
The three people i admired immensely fell under the signs of Aries, Taurus, and i think Leo.
All were males and brilliant and beautiful individuals in their own unique way.
They taught me new ways to look at the world and myself.
Gemini (so many smart ppl amongst them!), Aquarians, and Virgos. They have an agile mind.

very stimulating ppl!!!!!
He's a gemini. Absolutely brilliant, I learned so much from him :/ I really miss him

I'm a Sag, Libra Moon, Sag Mercury
My lovely sister, shes an Taurus.
People who don't even know her
says that she's smart, she just have that
vibe. Also, my Virgo Grandma.

Cancer sun
Aries Moon
All Mercury signs are Leo.
I agree with the person above- Virgos. I was going to say Scorpios, but they're kind of..the manipulative smart.
Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces but hes very lazy Virgo and Cancer

sun Scorpio

moon Cancer

mercury Scorpio
That can be all sign but let me answer your question.

A Virgo can be pretty smart i had a friend and i think that he was the smartest person i have known.
My mum, a Virgo, is very wise and I admire her more than anyone else.

I'm a Libra Sun, Libra Moon and Scorpio Mercury.
yes i know a person he is very smart and good knowledge about every thing.witty.

he is virgo sun

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