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Which zodiac signs have the quickest and WORST temper? why and how for this?

and which zodiac signs they get along with best in relationships and why?

please explain how they are

btw, which area of the world ar eyou?Which zodiac signs have the quickest and WORST temper? why and how for this?
Quickest temper: Aries (I've seen them get angry very, very quickly over quite trivial things).

Worst temper: Scorpio (It may take longer for a Scorpio to lose their temper, but once it's lost it's going to be a really long-standing cause for conflict and normally takes a huge amount of effort to rectify).

No idea in terms of best relationships for an Aries (apart from saying that they probably aren't the greatest match for a Scorpio), but I've always found that Scorpio/Scorpio relationship matches tend to be pretty good (I'm going to put this down to a high level of mutual understanding, so they know how to deal with each other very well).

Oh, and I'm from the UK (since you asked).
Aries is the quickest because... well, others have already answered that I guess :) They are very impatient which is why they have a quick temper; they can't deal with people's garbage.

Tauruses are the worst temperd. The bull is their animal. They get pretty angry. I mean, do you watch bull fights sometimes? Lol

They are stubborn, they don't like change. Very courageous and determined. Strong believers and opinionated and because they are stubborn, they tend to reject other opinions. Because they have such a determination, they are the ones that usually get things done. Reliable, persistent, and they have a strong "moving forward" energy. They are the ones people count on to do stuff. They tend to be self-indulgent, greedy, and they love pleasure. They seek material pleasure as well (like, money). They are practical, dependable, hardworking, and ambitious. In my opinion, one of the strongest signs. They are most compatible with the opposite sign, which is Scorpio.

I'm a Leo, and I can say that Leo's can get pretty angry. The lion is their animal, just watch the Discovery Chanel or some... animal show (I don't know...) Leo's are actually pretty happy, generous, bubbly people. But when provoked, they tend to roar pretty loudly. Leo's are most compatible with Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, and Sagittarius. Leos are extremely ambitious and they have a a very strong personality. They are over thinkers and get confused by even simple issues. They are the leaders. They love to be loved and always want to be the center of attention.

And I am from America.Which zodiac signs have the quickest and WORST temper? why and how for this?
lol! I notice you try to emphisize both the words "quickest" AND "worst" because there is a differnece which some people fail tro realize I think.

QUICKEST: Aries hands down. (Although Sagattarius is a close second.)

WORST: Between Leo, Taurus and Scorpio. Peoples personal expirences may vary which may determine wich of the three they pick as the worst. Those three may not get anger as "fast", but when finally pissed, they tend to be a little worst. And since they are fixed signs they usually stay angry a whole lot longer than Aries also. I'd say out of the three Taurus takes the most provoking to loss it but when they do it's ugly. So in the end I'd lean towards Taurus as having the worst if COMPLETLY pissed.
I hate admitting this but wtf. Aries has a tantrum temper that even scares ourself. We are way too impulsive and rash. We can bang our head on the wall just to get attention or on the sidewalk to make it look better. Aries gets alon with Sagittarius, Gemini, Capricorn.Which zodiac signs have the quickest and WORST temper? why and how for this?
Aries have a quick temper if things don't go as they like..They have nasty tempers and can and do become very aggressive at time .

ZODIAC;; means circle of life.













my sign is cancer and let me tell you i have a REALLY short fuse and i could rather happily smash my house up when the kids are screaming and my bloke is telling me he is starving ...when he could easily get up and make his own food =)
Yes I am Aries and I agree.. I am really short and quick tempered.. But Aries also are loyal in relationships which is so true for me.. N I get along best with Aries , Sagittarius, Leo and Gemini

Im from India
ARIES. Both my mom and ex-best friend are aries, and all they do is get angry and jealous and temperamental really quick. And I'm a pisces. Pisces and aries don't get along at all.


Aries are usually very quick tempered. And sagittarians.

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  1. I'd say that Scorpios and Sagittarians are pretty fucked up emotionally. They're always so mean and misunderstanding. Geminis are pretty bad, too.